Intuitive is an Asia based and focused Recruitment to Recruitment specialist. Headquartered in Singapore, with a focus across Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia, Intuitive is a one stop solution provider to recruitment agencies across the region. Here’s why…

We get it.

With more than 18 years experience growing successful recruiting firms in Asia, Intuitive believe that how an agency hires and trains talent can make the difference between mediocre performance and record-breaking quarters.

We are here to help you hire your next top-biller, reduce churn, improve consultant performance and, ultimately, boost profitability.

Deep industry knowledge.

When it comes to recruiting in Asia, we’ve pretty much seen it all. With our unique understanding of multiple recruitment industries, including Finance and Banking, HR/Legal, Operations, IT/Technology, Life Sciences, Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Intuitive can have intelligent and informed conversations about clients, market shifts and your competitor landscape.

Personal service.

With our own experience hiring and managing large teams of high-performing consultants, we appreciate that different consultants thrive in different environments. With this knowledge we can find that perfect match between client and candidate and help get them generating revenue quickly.

No bull.

Integrity and trust are the basis of the great relationships we have with our clients and candidates. We believe in playing the ‘long game’ and we’ll take lasting relationships over short-term wins. Confidentiality, attention to detail, professionalism and personable consulting are what keep our customers happy.



We understand that hiring is one of the most important challenges facing our clients today. As recruitment markets become more competitive a strong productive team is imperative for profitability.


Making the decision to change to another agency is a difficult one. Without knowing the new company dynamics it’s hard to know if that new company will provide you with what you need.


Recruitment to recruitment agency solutions

Talent acquisition / inhouse recruiters

Assessment centre solutions

Justine Bower, Founder of Intuitive

With over eighteen years of experience of recruiting in Asia, Justine knows first-hand what it takes to grow high-performance teams of consultants. As a founding member of two pioneering recruiting businesses, Justine believes that recruitment firms naturally focus on sourcing talent for clients at the expense of growing their own talent pipeline. She’s been there – how can you find the time to source, train and nurture future top-billers whilst running a busy recruiting firm? That’s why Intuitive was born.

Justine started her career in 2003 at James Harvard International in Tokyo as part of a team of six. In just four years, the business grew to 100+ consultants with Justine responsible for hiring and onboarding new talent. In a landmark deal for the Asian recruiting industry, James Harvard was acquired by Hays PLC in 2007. Justine became Sales Director for Hays Japan, operating multiple teams in Sales and Marketing, Accountancy and Finance, HR, Pharma, Banking and IT.

“As a Recruitment Manager I was constantly looking for ways reduce churn, increase consultant productivity and, ultimately, add to the bottom line. That’s why I started Intuitive – to help other firms achieve this.”

In 2010, she joined Earthstream Singapore as a start up team member for Asia, acting as a Regional Director for the business until 2015.

With a deep knowledge of the industry and a passion for the art and science of recognising future top-billers, Justine can technically assess consultants to understand their core technical knowledge, recruiting ability or management aptitude.

Insider Insight – We offer more than just new jobs or candidates at Intuitive. We are a valuable source of market information, candidates for your jobs, and leads for business development. We go out of our way to help our network holistically.

For a better understanding of the recruiting landscape in Asia or to find out what roles we have, reach out to

Majda Baker, Senior Talent Manager

Majda is our amazing Senior Talent Manager who is charged with raising awareness to prospective candidates about roles and supporting candidates through the interview process.

Majda has come from a human resources and talent acquisition background, and most recently ran Talent Acquisition for a large Japanese recruitment agency.  She is passionate about ensuring our candidates are not just placed but placed in a role that sticks for the long term.

Insider Insight – There is no point in going into an interview telling the interviewer what you think they want to hear, rather than what you really feel.  At the end of the day, a genuine personality and interview will trump an insincere one.

If you would like to find more about the roles Majda is working on, reach out to

Nina Amalina, Talent Manager

Meet Nina Amalina, our new Talent Manager. Nina comes armed with a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University which has driven her desire to work in the recruitment field. She is also a qualified group fitness instructor which has given her fantastic insights into coaching and the importance of wellness and its relationship to work.

Insider Insight – If you are really stuck and can’t decide between two opportunities go with the manager you feel you have the best rapport with – this is hugely important on many levels!

Drop her a line at

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