The recruitment industry globally is a billion-dollar industry creating fulfilling careers for tens of thousands of people in Asia.

Traditionally a ‘sales’ role more recently the role of specialist recruitment consultant more closely resembles work within the professional services sector.

Yes, sales are involved but critical thinking, problem-solving, market expertise, emotional intelligence, and consulting skills all play a part in a successful recruiter’s day-to-day skills.

Why recruitment?

Asia has become one of the largest growth markets for the recruitment industry. Specifically, Singapore and Hong Kong continue to be the largest hubs in Asia for recruitment companies, showing the fastest employment growth for the past 12 months.

Meaningful motivation

Get paid relative to the work you do.  What you put in is what you get out – not how long you have been in the job, how many years you served or who you know in the company –  you control your destiny.

Challenging the hierarchical status-quo

Be the master of your own success, with relatively flat structures and clear paths to promotion, you have far more control over the direction of your career.

Relationship Building Experts

As experts in our fields we build and leverage strong relationships within our network, enabling us to become trusted partners and industry thought leaders.

Become an industry expert

Pick an industry you are passionate about and you will gradually become an industry expert, able to consult both client and candidates on what is happening in the market.

What does being a recruiter involve?

Recruitment is often a role that people ‘fall’ into, but with an increasing ‘war for talent’ it’s an incredibly important role that provides a financially rewarding and fulfilling career.

  • Building relationships with key clients and organisations within your industry
  • Meeting with clients to understand their hiring needs, their culture and individual needs for specific roles they want to fill
  • Going out to market to understand the landscape, who does the role and the best fits for these roles
  • Reaching out to potential candidates to introduce opportunities whilst also understand their skills and experience and fit for your roles or future roles
  • Interviewing and assessment to find the most qualified candidates for your roles
  • Presentation and process management for applications
  • Management and negotiations of offers
  • Management of resignations and on boarding of your candidates
  • Ongoing coaching and support for your candidates and clients

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What we offer

  • Trial sessions to understand recruitment as a role
  • Support in gaining CEI qualification needed to work as consultant in Singapore
  • Access to preselected specialist recruitment agencies with exceptional training and development programs
  • Interview support and coaching
  • Support and coaching to get up to speed after you are placed in a role

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