Top 20 Tips Recruiters should implement during the Covid Period

With many clients putting mandates on hold and global concern about how long the Covid 19 Virus will play out recruiters are understandably nervous about the outcome of this on their businesses. We have put together a list of 20 things you can do to keep on track.

#1 Remote Work Strategy – Roll out a strategy to remain productive on a daily basis even if you are at home – avoid the fridge!

#2 Speak to your clients– just because companies are not hiring as much doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with them –find out how each client is preparing/coping to help yourself plan over the next couple of months. Consider creating value-added services and potentially offer them for free to keep your clients engaged.

#3 Keep in touch with your top candidates – this is a good time for you to touch base with your top candidates or people you haven’t spoken to and be there for them. It’s an incredibly unsettling time for people and they want to know they have an advisor if needed.

#4 Stay relevant– Do you best to keep your social presence relevant if you use it. Yes, people want to know what is going on in the world right now but they also need other articles/content to read to stay sane.

#5 Market Map – Use this time to build your mapping of key line managers/contacts within your client or target client base. This will give you a clear understanding of who you have relationships with vs who you could get to know better.

#6 Consider longer probation periods – During this time it could be tricky for candidates to get up to speed in their new role. One tip could be to offer an extended probation period to support them through a tough market. We know this tip will be controversial so totally down to the consultant!

#7 Meetings – If you are in a position where candidates are not feeling comfortable meeting offer web-based video calls as an alternative. They will appreciate this!

#8 Hand Shake – If you are still out and about at this stage, be aware that some candidates may not feel as comfortable shaking hands. To protect them and yourself try implementing a Namaste, greet with a nod or elbow bump!

#9 Upskill- make use of government subsidies for training and take the time to do
courses. Preferably online.

#10 Reading – Read through all those articles you saved in a folder and never got round to reading.

#11 Market Intel- Often we are so busy with day to day searches we miss the micro trends. This is the Intel your clients want – your database is an amazing treasure trove of intel if you know where to look.

#12 Opportunity Spot – “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. This could be a chance for you to identify an incredible solution that changes you or your companies’ course.

#13 Reconnect – with all those candidates you haven’t spoken to for years or months.

#14 Improve the quality of the database– create talent pools, update data, get your database in the best possible shape to ensure when you search it’s an easy task.

#15 Strategies – take a look at your daily, weekly, monthly activity and realign it to market conditions- adjust to targets and activity accordingly – don’t keep banging your head against the proverbial wall if it’s not working!Make sure you are looking at outcomes, not just activity.

#16 Talk with your team– Discuss together things that have worked for you vs what has worked for them and keep each other in check. Now is the time to work together closely and support each other not silo.

#17 Speak to your Manager – sit down with your manager and look at the short term and long term plan – find out what you can do to help, understand what their pressures are from above so you can support and drive in the same direction.

#18 Self Care Time – Take some time to look after yourself

#19 Give Back – take time to get your team out doing CSR projects, clean beaches, feed the needy or just support local businesses who are struggling!

#20 Reassess your technology – we are not advocating going out and implementing a brand new high investment technology right now but looking at the tools you use on a daily basis and ensure you have the best possible ones to further improve your productivity.

Let us know what you think, any other useful ideas please comment below!

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