Talent Acquisition Manager- Technology

As a Talent Acquisition/Sourcing Specialist working in-house you will have direct oversight of the entire recruitment process from identification to onboarding.  You will have the opportunity to speak with line managers and really assess their needs and challenges.

Stakeholder engagement is a key skill needed within this role, you will be balancing multiple priorities at any one time and need to be consistent with your time management.

The ideal TA will have strong EQ and relationship management – you will be able to have the tough conversations when needed but also have the capability to add value to allow line managers information on their market, trends and ideas to improve their processes.

Data-driven recruiters will do well in this role as statistics and data will enable strong decision-making positions.

If you are currently in an agency role or already in an in-house role and looking for a new option please reach out to justine@intuitiverecruit.com