Recruitment Agency Meeting Rooms: Branding Opportunity or Cell-Like Depression Zone?

I am by no means any kind of guru on the world of interior design. However, I have, as a Rec to Rec consultant, been in a multitude of Recruitment Agency meeting rooms and while some of these meetings rooms and offices are downright amazing, some are zones of depression.

While trying not to sound too much like your mother, here’s my top 5 tips for maintaining the positive brand you and your team work so hard to create:

  1. Holes in the walls and scuff markets where chairs have scraped against walls insinuates you don’t really care. It take 5 minutes to clean the walls and a monthly or quarterly maintenance team repainting/sprucing.
  2. Depending on the image you are trying to portray tacky, broken or mismatched furniture doesn’t exactly send a message of professional corporate or unique, boutique specialist.
  3. Food waste, cups from previous meetings, and rubbish overflowing in bins are, of course, a big no no.
  4. Where’s the marketing material? Your candidate’s and clients can sometimes sit in those rooms waiting for a good 10 to 15 minutes.  Give them something to read.  Your brochure, magazines that reflect your specialism, audio visual marketing, interactive marketing, industry related surveys etc
  5. Invest in some plants and put something on the wall (ideally all the awards and accolades you’ve had) – the less cell like that room is the better.

We know there are some amazing offices out there would love to hear about them or better yet see posts of them.

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