Hiring strategies and the right fit!

Check out the latest blog from our very own Alexandra Jones.  Valuable intel for ramping up when you start hiring again. We at Intuitive sat down as a team (virtually!!) and discussed key points that we feel are super important for businesses to remember when looking to take advantage of this time and continue to […]

Contract Recruitment in a time of Covid-19

The last few months have been tough for most recruiters and it comes as no surprise that when costs are being controlled, contract staff are often cut first and projects (particularly global ones) get put on hold. This means tough times for our fellow contract recruiters, however, it’s not all doom and gloom and often […]

Top 20 Tips Recruiters should implement during the Covid Period

With many clients putting mandates on hold and global concern about how long the Covid 19 Virus will play out recruiters are understandably nervous about the outcome of this on their businesses. We have put together a list of 20 things you can do to keep on track. #1 Remote Work Strategy – Roll out […]

To all the recruiters in Singapore – Want to know what’s happening in the market?

What are recruitment firms looking for in their next hire? What are they doing to attract and retain top talent in the market and what makes an average recruiter to an exceptional one? These are just some of the questions in this must listen to podcast with our talented Justine Bower, Managing Director. This is […]

So, you’re a recruiter and looking for a new job! Here’s how to ensure you pick a winner! 1) Assess your new boss- When deciding on a new role it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research on your new potential boss. This person’s going to have a daily impact on your life, so […]

Top Tips You want to become a recruiter? You know a lot of people in the industry but not to sure where to start? Here are Intuitive’s top 5 tips to guide you to step into recruitment Are you hungry? Recruitment is a great job! It’s fun, you meet loads of people and develop multiple […]

Intuitive Tips – How to understand if you are getting a good offer in agency recruitment. Being in the know about where you sit in the market and the value you can add to a business is important. This will help you negotiate and understand if you are getting a good offer in agency recruitment. […]

How to Gracefully Decline a Job Offer

Finding a job is tricky and more often than not declining outstanding offers is an afterthought– here’s why you should take some time to do it right!   Line and HR Managers Remember – and many have long memories – we have seen candidate rejected on paper for excellent roles for a slight committed 3 […]

Recruitment Agency Meeting Rooms: Branding Opportunity or Cell-Like Depression Zone?

I am by no means any kind of guru on the world of interior design. However, I have, as a Rec to Rec consultant, been in a multitude of Recruitment Agency meeting rooms and while some of these meetings rooms and offices are downright amazing, some are zones of depression. While trying not to sound […]

5 Reasons to use Intuitive Recruitment to Recruitment

Our top 5 reasons why using a recruit to recruit agency can be of benefit to you. [maxcollection id="1"] Market Intel Just like you, we are speaking to people in our niche everyday. We bench market salaries and commissions for a living. We compare unique selling points, and market perception of agencies to ensure we only work [...]

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