Hiring strategies and the right fit!

Check out the latest blog from our very own Alexandra Jones.  Valuable intel for ramping up when you start hiring again.

We at Intuitive sat down as a team (virtually!!) and discussed key points that we feel are super important for businesses to remember when looking to take advantage of this time and continue to hire the best fit for their organisation.

#Hire for the expertise needed in the business

It is important to genuinely take this task on and find people whose expertise aligns with the business. Whilst a rock-solid Data and Analytics Recruiter may sound great on paper, ask yourself, was this space/role a part of your strategy when you went to the market to hire? If not, take the time to find those that complement the strategy. In a nutshell, don’t let the hire drive the business plan or strategy.

#Hiring for the long-term goal not just the next month.

Understandably businesses will take some time to recover after Covid however, it’s important to have the right number of people ready to go in the team when the market comes back. Playing catch up with your competitors to hire in a market that already has the headcount on the ground could mean lost revenue and loads of catchup!

#Values and Culture.

This is the one thing that businesses should never forget and should be no brainer. Hiring team members that have the same values as the business is going support and define their ultimate success. We see many situations of good recruiters leaving roles because the values or culture just don’t match.   Company culture is the backbone of business so be proud of this and stick to your guns.

#Look inwards

With bright shiny new candidates in the market, it’s easy to overlook your internal staff. There may already be the potential replacement in one of the current teams, desperate to get out of their space and try something new. Engage people regularly, see where they are at and how their goals align with the trajectory of the business. The replacement you are trying to find could already be a part of the business and may just be your next rock star in a new area.

These are just a couple of points we feel that could help keep the consideration of new consultants on track with business strategy and the current market conditions. If you have another point? Let me know!

If you or someone you know could be on the lookout for a new recruitment opportunity, we work with some impressive clients who are hiring for their businesses! Please reach out to me Alexandra@intuitiverecruit.com, Justine Bower or Majda Baker to find out more.

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