How to Gracefully Decline a Job Offer

Finding a job is tricky and more often than not declining outstanding offers is an afterthought– here’s why you should take some time to do it right!


  • Line and HR Managers Remember – and many have long memories – we have seen candidate rejected on paper for excellent roles for a slight committed 3 to 5 years earlier.


  • Manage your recruitment consultant or prospective employer expectations – no one is a mind reader so if the company is not in your top priorities then let them know when concerns arise – it’s much easier to manage disappointment/fall out when it’s not a complete surprise at the end of the process.


  • Tell the prospective employer’s as soon as you’re sure of your decision, more often these companies may be holding back other candidates in favour of you so they sooner they can move on the easier it is to swallow.


  • Remember your personal situation can have a huge impact on your decision- making process.  If you fundamentally like aspects of the role, company, line manager then its worth maintaining a relationship. You never know what might happen/change in the future.


  • You are not expected to take every offer that comes your way but remaining professional, calling to decline professionally or as a minimum sending a professional email will be held in much higher regard that “ghosting”.

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