E-commerce Recruiter- Singapore

We always love working with clients who are also our placement success stories and this line manager is one of them. So we know we are onto a good thing – top biller, solid business development specialist and passionate about his space.  He is looking for a consultant to join and support a desk within the e-commerce space…

What does it look like?

You will either be a recruiter with some exposure already working in roles within the sales & marketing function within E-Commerce or you are a recruiter in Singapore who wants to transition into this space.

Your client opportunities are endless.  With constant drive regional to push things online there are huge opportunities to recruit in this space.  Provided you can deliver the world is your oyster!


What we need.

An individual who loves working on the agency side and is not going to jump inhouse at the first offer!

We need someone who understands how to deliver a quality short list and win over clients and candidates alike with positive experiences, integrity and enthusiasm.

A willingness to get out and win new business when needed – you have a highly supportive team to leverage off however you need to take the bull by the horns and ultimately take control of your desk.

Soft Skills

Grit, determination, ambition, competitiveness, attention to detail, positive, outgoing, commercial