Contract Recruitment Specialists or Aspiring Contract Recruiters

Did you know that established contract recruiters out bill their perm peers consistently.

In the last 3 years we have seen clients make significant inroads into this space not just in traditional areas like Technology and Office Support but Healthcare, Transformation & Change, Financial Services and numerous other spaces.

Contract recruiters are fast thinking, intuitive, great at spotting opportunities and above all tenacious.

We have options on our books right now for contract recruiters in the following spaces

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering (Energy, Civil’s/Infrastructure, Aviation)
  • Technology – Interim and Highly Skilled or Volume based
  • Office Professionals
  • Financial Services
  • Transformation & Change

A number of these options are paying extremely compelling base salaries and there is a willingness to buy out existing books for experienced hires (especially those who can start up a business from scratch)


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