So, you’re a recruiter and looking for a new job! Here’s how to ensure you pick a winner!

1) Assess your new boss- When deciding on a new role it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research on your new potential boss. This person’s going to have a daily impact on your life, so you have to be happy joining their team. 

Considerations- Can I work for this person? How do they motivate the current team? How many job changes have they had? How did they engage with you during the interview process? How much attrition have they had in their team, are they facing clients and billing (hint – they should be!)

2) Your Scope – Some companies out there will split desks very tightly between team members which can make it hard for consultants to make money. 

Considerations – Am I regional or purely focused on one location? How many people are on my team? How do they split business lines? Can I split deals with my peers? Is there cross-communication between business units?

3) What is the pedigree of your peers – Long tenured employees usually mean stable client bases and happy clients. It also means that you will be surrounded by a group of people who are successful in their roles.

Considerations – Is the business taking a lot of new people with no experience or are they attracting experienced talent? How long have people been in recruiting in their industry? What are the top billers doing? What do their attrition rates look like? How many years have they been working in their industry? Is there a buddy system initiative?  Have any of them been promoted recently? How do you rate alongside them?

3) Expectations Poorly communicated expectations almost always end in issues.

Considerations – What is the business expecting of you in the first 3 to 6 months – is it realistic? What are the milestones? What do you have to do to get a promotion?

4) Culture – Often companies say they have a great culture but what does that mean and is it relevant to you?

Considerations – What is culture to you? Some people love drinks after work, some have kids and want family time. Flexitime, structure, no structure, work from home, supportive boss – work out what you want!

5) Growth – Having a “growth mindset” is the vogue term of 2019 and we have to agree with this, growth keeps you interested and motivated!

Considerations – How can this move help me grow? Is this move for career progression, money, new industry? Will this manager challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone? Am I going to learn? If I chose to leave this role in 2 years what growth would I have achieved?

We are ​happy to sit down with consultants and discuss these points, so reach out to us at Intuitive Recruitment.

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