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You want to become a recruiter? You know a lot of people in the industry but not to sure where to start? Here are Intuitive’s top 5 tips to guide you to step into recruitment

Are you hungry?

Recruitment is a great job! It’s fun, you meet loads of people and develop multiple skills including sales acumen, project management, leadership and data analysis. If you are successful you can also make a lot of money as there are some competitive commission structures and uncapped earning capability. If you are hungry and the fire of being successful is in your belly then this is a great role for you!

Are you resilient? 

Resilience is key to becoming an excellent recruitment consultant. You need to be the type of person that can pick yourself back up and carry on even when things don’t go your way. In saying this, when a deal closes, and things are moving in the right direction it is totally worth it.

Have a clear explanation as to “Why recruitment” 

In the interview process, the interviewer will ask you the question “Why recruitment?”. In our experience it is harder to secure the role if you are unsure as to why you want to do recruitment.  Avoid generic answers like “I want to help people” and really match your strengths to the role.

Know the industry you want to work

Most recruiters will specialise in a specific industry or function.  Choose an industry that plays to your strengths or you at least have a strong interest in. We recommend you do some research on the space that you want to work, check on jobs boards, understand what roles are out there and look at people on Linked in that industry so you can clearly explain why you want to do that specific industry.

Know your worth

In recruitment we are definitely not “all about the base ” so go in with realistic expectations and be negotiable. You are making a change in industry, learning something new and have no prior experience in recruitment. Be open to discussing salary, get your foot in the door and prove yourself.  Recruitment is probably the most meritocratic industry out there and progression can be fast – The base you go in on will not be your base for very long if you do well. Gaining experience here is the key!


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