Intuitive Tips – How to understand if you are getting a good offer in agency recruitment.

Being in the know about where you sit in the market and the value you can add to a business is important. This will help you negotiate and understand if you are getting a good offer in agency recruitment. Here are Intuitive’s top 5 tips to help.

1) MARKET RATE – Know your market rate – find out what your peers are getting paid. Your Rec 2 Rec should know this and be able to advise or ask around the market.

2) BASE vs EXPECTATIONS – It’s great securing a high base but what does your new company expect in return and when does the heat come on if you don’t bill? For example- will you be building this desk from scratch? If so this can take longer to bill and you need to manage their expectations for achieving your target.

3) BANDINGS – Look at the % and when it kicks in for commission. A 50% commission structure is great but only if the targets are realistic and you believe you know your market, clients and candidates well enough to achieve this.

4) STRUCTURE – What do you need to hit before commission kicks in? Is it a draw, a multiplier or from dollar 0 commission – how do you calculate it? If commission is your driver will you have the opportunity to make more on the new company structure or in your current role.

5) TIMING – Does the company recognise and pay commission on client making payment or is commission paid on start candidate start date?

What do you think? Have we missed something? Leave your comments below?


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